About Me

I change my hair a lot, so this is me as I stand currently.


Welcome to my website! I am pleased that you are here. My name is Jessica.

I have a youtube channel that you can skip over to, if you aren’t one for blogs: Voyage To The Hearth Youtube Channel

I grew up through adversity, and in becoming a mother at a young age, I have sustained a deep passion for encouraging the deep-rooted voices of women. I have a particular fondness of birth, and an intimate understanding and connection to death. I love to help women see how the two threads intertwine in their lives.

  It is my desire to help other women come to a place of intimacy with their spirituality, and to be able to combine their otherwise “mundane” lives (be it motherhood, career-life, you name it), with their creativity, crafts, and spirituality, in such a way that they release the bonds of society. Tarot is my predominant method for this work, but I do enjoy a good conversation as well.


I believe we are always growing and changing, and walking between a vast array of polarities.

I believe in the beauty and necessity of facing both life and death, light and dark, and polarity within ourselves. I do not avoid either aspect in my work.

I believe women have ancestral roots of helping one another in the form of community, and this particular aspect is vital to my understanding of life, and work.

I believe we all have more to learn from this human experience.