Before You Book A Reading

Before you book a reading with me, I’ve included my policies and ethics regarding the type of reader I am and how I practice.

I’ve included this so that you can assess whether or not I am the right reader for you, if something in here doesn’t feel right to you, then we are probably not the right fit for one another. If you choose to book a reading with me, you are agreeing that you have read through these terms and consent to the reading.

My Reading Style:

I am not a predictive reader. Instead, I like to tailor readings to your unique situation to address where you are emotionally, spiritually and mentally in regards to your question and find a pathway for future actions. I do believe that we are all on a current trajectory and energies from that can come up in a reading, but I don’t believe any one path is set in stone and my readings are intended to help you focus on your own internal workings to then guide your actions accordingly. I like to put the power back in your hands, because ultimately, a reading is no more than guidance- you are the owner of your existence.

I will not give readings for legal or medical advice. I will however give you readings to help you address your relationship to your health, if that is something you are interested in.

What to expect in a reading:

I offer my reading services in the form of email and video readings, when you order be sure to indicate which you’d prefer.

I like to create sacred space for reach reading, and I do so with you and your question in mind. Since my approach to reading is non-predictive- the more detail you provide me, (as you are comfortable), the better I can assist you in finding clarity. I view the services I offer as a two-way conversation. If you need immediate clarification, I do try to offer that, as appropriate. If we branch into a new question, I will ask that you order another reading.

I offer one-three card readings, which I tend to read as free-flow readings. Depending on the inspiration I feel from Spirit, I may create and utilize set spread positions, I may also pull extra cards if I feel it’s needed for clarity.

Confidentiality is paramount to me. I do not share any of your information with anyone. Please make sure your email is correct upon ordering so that your reading makes it to the right place.

How long does it take?

I am a mother, wife and full-time employee, so turnaround for a reading from me is within 10 days after payment has been received. I appreciate your understanding in this.

Last tidbits to know:

I do not offer refunds for the services provided once the reading has been delivered, as I have given my time, space, energy, and attention to your specific spiritual request.

If I receive your reading request and find that I do not feel comfortable reading for you, I will inform you immediately.

If you have paid for a reading, and I determine that you are a danger to yourself or others- I will offer a refund as well as report to the appropriate authorities as required by law. Please seek the appropriate avenue for help if you feel that you are in need of medical, psychological, legal or financial assistance.